Practice-as-Research - Q: What do church bells, cuckoos and Yul Brynner all have in common? A: They all appear in my tongue-in-cheek visual essay! I have it on good authority that my visual essay, entitled Eye Heart Theory: Not To Be Taken Lightly will be published as part of an upcoming issue of The Journal of Illustration in time for Christmas 2018. I guess we know what you'll all be writing to Father Christmas about! More news when it's forthcoming.


Practice-as-Research - I presented at the conference Lewis Carroll and George MacDonald: An Influential Friendship held on Saturday 1st september at the University of Chichester's Bishop Otter campus. Organised by Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fantasy, I was the last speaker to present as part of panel 2 (theology). My practice-as-research project, entitled The Rainbow's Egg, which you can see more previews of on my Instagram account, went down a treat. I received some really positive feedback from members of the Lewis Carroll Society. Time will tell what becomes of The Rainbow's Egg....


October 2018 update: The conference and my talk are briefly described in the Lewis Carroll Society newsletter Bandersnatch.



30th April 2018 - Last week I found out my proposal for this year's Sussex symposium, on the friendship and interconnections between Lewis Carroll and George MacDonald, has been accepted. I'll be travelling down to Sussex once agin, this time delivering a presentation on an illustrative practice-as-research dossier called The Rainbow's Egg that I'll be compiling over the next few months. The title is taken from a story by MacDonald.


Last week I also had proposed edits for a final draft of my visual essay on the importance of illustration theory approved. Barring mishaps, this should be published in a forthcoming issue of The Journal of Illustration, once I get the final images finished off and coloured in.



2nd September 2017 - This week I completed a booklet for my presentation at the upcoming symposium Arthur Rackham in Sussex on his 150th birthday. The booklet includes my original proposal, the script for my twenty minute presentation, full transcripts for the interviews I conducted with two illustration practitioners, plus short bios and feedback.


The symposium is two weeks away!

My second academic proposal was accepted, so I'll be presenting at the symposium Arthur Rackham in Sussex on his 150th birthday on the 16th of September 2017. The event is to be held at Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fantasy. The presentation is based on the Golden Age of Illustration artist Arthur Rackham, and will feature content from interviews I'm conducting with current illustrators and artists. I'm very much looking forward to it - more on this soon. 




My third academic proposal, for a conference called Illustrating Identity/ies, which is to be held in France this November, has been rejected. I wish everyone whose work was accepted all the very best but it's unlikely I'll be able to make the trip as an attendee due to teaching commitments. The paper was to feature Burning Zebra and friends in an analysis of my personal practice over the past thirteen years. Poor BZ! The old chap is getting a bit long in the tooth, and sometimes his knees don't bend like they used to. However, he shouldn't feel too dim, as mittens-crossed the content from this proposal may pop up somewhere else in another form.


Professional Practice - Drop the Lightbulb (illustrated lecture featuring Burning Zebra)

Following my personal illustration practice-based lecture DROP THE LIGHTBULB in November 2015I will be adapting the content and undertaking extensive further research for a future academic journal article.

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