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Adam Paxman - CEREBRAL AUDIENCES. Check your intelligence at the door! Featuring illustrative experiments, reflections on lecturing and research practice, as well as the occasional sneak preview of commercial work and commissions.


BURNING ZEBRA - GENERAL AUDIENCES. Brightly coloured metanarrative adventures with BZ and the gang. Join them as they scamper about asking all of life's big questions.


MPGB - MATURE AUDIENCES. Once upon a time in a parallel universe...


The Museum of Fragmented Shadows - MATURE AUDIENCES. Misadventures in Victorian monster science, with the fictional Teratology Guild.


You can find my various illustration and education research boards on Pinterest.


I am on Instagram, where amongst other things I experiment with morning doodles.

Search for Misterpaxman or follow the link to join the fun.


As of early 2018, I (like President Donald J. Trump), am also tweeting on the Twitter.


Personal Practice - See my narrative / character blog MPGB (digital illustration)


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